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Improve Your Motorway Driving

If you've passed your test but are unsure about driving on motorways, refresh your skills and increase your confidence with our motorway lessons.

You can book two hours or more with one of our fully-qualified driving instructors, supported by an accompanying motorways workbook containing important guidance and Highway Code information.

How motorway lessons work

You can book a minimum of two hours of in-car lessons, and get valuable instructor guidance and feedback. An accompanying motorways workbook contains important information about the Highway Code, some exercises to do and a final quiz. You can book more motorway lessons if you need to.

Benefits of motorway lessons

• Gain new skills and techniques to make you a safer motorway driver.

• Become more familiar with the rules of motorway driving.

• Increase your confidence in driving on motorways.


Motorway lessons are charged at our standard post-test rates unfortunately no discounts are applicable.

More information

For more information about our motorway lessons, call one of our advisers on 07717711391

Pass Plus

Once you have passed your test you are safe to drive on the roads unaccompanied. But you must remember that you are an inexperienced driver.

Statistics show that new drivers are around 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident and regrettably, two drivers under the age of 25 die every day in crashes in the UK

Roughly 20% of new drivers will be involved in an accident during their first year behind the wheel – that's why insurance premiums are so high.

What is Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is a scheme designed by the Driving Standards Agency, with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries.
The scheme helps new drivers gain valuable experience to help develop existing skills, learn new skills and techniques, improve anticipation and awareness, learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a courteous and considerate attitude on the road.

Pass Plus course overview
Pass Plus pupils display green 'P plates' on their vehicle, and have a series of six modules of at least one hour each. These cover:

• Introduction and town driving
• All-weather driving
• Out of town driving and rural roads
• Night driving
• Dual carriageways
• Motorway driving
While you will have covered these topics during your driving lessons the Pass Plus course emphasizes a positive approach to driving. The focus is on attitude and skills and gives a different perspective on these topics and will enhance your abilities.

Pass Plus results
As an indication of the effectiveness of the scheme, recent survey carried out for the Driving Standards Agency showed that 93% of people who had taken Pass Plus felt more confident on the road, and 80% considered that their driving skills had improved as a result of taking the course.

Discounts on car insurance
With Pass Plus, you could reduce your car insurance premiums or get an extra no claims bonus with some insurance companies.
Do you have a Pass Plus certificate already? Call us on 0800 389 0387 today and see if you could qualify to receive any discount


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