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Gain your freedoom to the open learn a skill for life with a Grade A instructor

Driving lessons in Basingstoke & surrounding area

My Name is Nigel and I am a local driving instructor, Grade A Instructor teaching in and around Tadley Basingstoke and the North Hants area.

I have been teaching learner drivers the necessary skills now for over 16 years and still enjoy it as if it was my first day. I have many years of driving under my belt in all areas of driving from peace time to combat driving in war zones and close protection driving for VIPs. Teaching snow and ice driving. I was taught to a very high standard in the military.

All lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the leaner, we work at your pace so you take everything in. We treat you like individuals not robots. At north Hants Driving School we teach you to drive a car not a test route.

A motorbike friendly instructor teaching new drivers to look out for and how to deal with motorbikes on the road keeping themselves safe and the motorbike rider.

No car sharing and we offer a door to door service.

Our Motto: "The well taught learners of today make the good drivers of tomorrow"

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Areas Covered  Alton-Fleet-Aldershot-Hook-Hartley Whitey-Tadley-Overton-Whichchurch-Basingstoke.....
and all areas in between

Lessons Given

I teach - Learners, Refresher Courses,Advanced,Motorway Lessons,Snow and ice driving,( close protection driving) Pass Plus
I take great pride in my job as i get to meet so many different people from all walks of life.  It gives me great satisfaction when they pass there test, knowing i have passed on a skill for life.

Theory Training

click here for your free on line theory and hazard training txt me for the pass word

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